Bradley Castleberg
esl teacher

Native language: english, USA
Other Languages: a little spanish
Currently living in: Cuba
Skype name: bcastleberg

  Let me tell you about myself.

Teaching English to Adults or Children

Name: Bradley Edward Castleberg Age: 27

Born: September 5/1978. Country: USA

Raceļ¼š White American

My address in China: Prestige Tower, Louhu, 902b

Objective: career in teaching English to adults or kids

Personal Experiences: Tennessee State University, TN

2001-I was hire to tutor at Tennessee State University. I would help adults to learn sentence

structure. I would help foreigners how to read better and explain how each word is

pronounced. I also taught what some of the words mean in English. I have work with a lot of

Adults so I am good with adults.

I have taught kids too. I been teaching my nephews which I have 6 of them how to read and

Write English. They are from the ages of 2 and 6. I have taught at kindergarten like at

Madison Elementary School were I taught them there ABC and how to count to 10. I also

have strong skills in working in children its part of my college degree. In my degree I must

be able to work with kids and how to solve personal problems. I can tell who knows English

well and who does not know English well. I also can tell why they have problems learning

English. I been a child psychologist I know a lot about children. How they need be taught and

what materials they need to learn. I have seen how children are taught in china but I

think it depends on the kids. Somethings might work for others kids but not for some. I can

work with kids easily it part of my training. I think I can teach kids in any culture or race. I

can also learn better how its taught in china if I get chance to work with kids in china. I think

if u want to teach kids English u should teach them how it is in USA or Britain. It my

personal feeling but I can still teach them the Chinese way it almost the same as America. I

easily adapt to any learning style. .

Also part of my education is good for any job not just teaching english. I can work well with others and I am problem solver too. I also done some managering job in the past where I hired and to record on how much money is made each day like accounting.


Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 2001-2006

I graduated in May 6 2006.

REFERENCES: Available upon request

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Part-time
  • Location: hong kong or shenzhen
  • ESL Job Interests: children, adults, groups.
Please contact me for more information.